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I started herding in California in 1989 after purchasing my first Aussie.  Impressed by the intelligence of this dog, I investigated the purpose for the breed. I saw an opportunity to train and trial herding dogs by using my experience in competition equine events and my knowledge of livestock.  I was fortunate to find a very knowledgeable trainer close by.  After watching her work her dogs, I was bitten by the herding bug.  A short time later, I stopped barrel racing and committed all my spare time to training my dog to herd.  

I purchased my first Border Collie in 1991, and immediately started competing in United States Border Collie Handlers Association (USBCHA) field competitions I found this to be very exciting and a true test for the breed.  I currently enjoy training and trialing both Border Collies and my original breed, Australian Shepherds. 

I moved to Arizona in 2000.  There were not many field trials in Arizona, thus I started to compete in arena trials.  I competed in my first AKC arena trial in 2002.  I expected this venue to be easy after competing in USBCHA trials for years - I was wrong. On the first day of competition,  I timed out on both cattle and sheep. After returning home that night I thought long and hard about the course, especially the cross drive.  The next day was much better - I won High in Trial in the Advance Class on sheep, ducks, and cattle with my dog Murdoch.  I really enjoy the AKC “A” course, with its tight quarters and obstacles, it really offers a challenge to both the handler and dog.  Just because a course doesn’t have a large out run doesn’t mean it is not difficult. I continue to compete in USBCHA field trials. I also compete in AHBA, ASCA, and AKC.  I believe the true test for a handler and dog is versatility.

I work with my own dogs, and also train and trial client's dogs.  I have worked with many breeds, including Border Collies, Australian Shepherd’s, Belgian Malnois, Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Sheep Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs, Cardigan Welch Corgi’s, Bearded Collies, Shelties and Rottweilers.  I enjoy the diversity of the herding breeds and apply my training methods differently, depending on both the breed and the temperament and drive of individual dogs.  I enjoy working with client dogs, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to develop their inherent herding abilities.  I have put advanced herding titles and Herding Championships on many dogs, including several AKC Breed Champions. 

Without the support of my family I would not be as successful as I am today.  My husband always makes sure my facility is in top working condition and my daughter, Mary Alice, travels and trials with me.  She has become quite the competitor in all venues.  Mary Alice trains and trials dogs in herding, conformation, showmanship, and agility and is ASCA’s  #1 Herding Jr. in the Nation for 2007 at the age of 12.    




Meeker Classic 2006 Good Sportsmanship Award
Top 40% or higher Meeker Competitor for the last 6 years
6th Place at the 2nd Annual Steamboat Open Handlers Trial 2007


AKC Titles

3 AKC Herding Champions
9 AKC HXA Sheep
8 AKC HXA Ducks
1 AKC HXA Cattle
4 AKC HIS Sheep
10 AKC HAS Sheep
5 AKC HX B Sheep
4 AKC HIB Sheep
10 AKC HSB Sheep
#7 BCSA Advance Overall Placement 2007
#26 BCSA Advance Overall Placement 2007
#32 BCSA Advance Overall Placement 2007
#18 BCSA Advance Ducks “A” Course 2007
#4 BCSA Advance Sheep “B” Course 2007
#9 BCSA Advance Sheep “B” Course 2007
#18 BSCA Advance Sheep “B” Course 2007



#1 ASCA Merit Dog Award on Sheep 2007
# 6 ASCA Merit Dog Award on Ducks 2007
4 Advance Sheep ASCA
4 Advance Ducks ASCA



5   AHBA HTD Advanced
7   AHBA HTD Intermediated
11 AHBA HTD Started
5  AHBA  HTAD Advanced
6  AHBA  HTAD Started
5  AHBA  HTRD  Advanced
6  AHBA  HTRD  Started


Also Meet Molly's Daughter Mary Alice

(Pictured Below)

Mary Alice's Accomplishments:

High Score open Working Jr. 8-12
High Score open Working Jr. Started Ducks 8-12
High Score Open Working Jr. Started Sheep 8-12
High Score Open working Jr. Started Cattle 8-12
High Score Novice Obedience 8-12 Region 2

My name is Mary Alice Wisecarver. I’m 13 and live in a small town in Arizona.  We live on a small ranch, and own sheep, milk goats, ducks, chickens, cattle and horses. I own four Aussies of my own, Charm, Libby, Jobie and my new puppy (not named yet).  I’m lucky to be home schooled.  On the days I finish school early I go out and play with dogs.   

I started competing with my dogs when I was 6.  My mom loves to herd so naturally that’s where I started too.   I competed in the 2002 nationals when I was 8 as most versatile junior handler.  I used the same dog, Charm, for all four events - herding, obedience, showmanship and agility.  Charm is now retired from competitions, but she still helps with chores around the house.  Mostly she lies around watching the younger dogs work.  Without Charm I would not have won High Open working Junior at the 2002 Nationals.  I still compete in Agility, Showmanship and Obedience, but herding is where my heart is.   In November 2007 I put a WTCH on my Aussie Mary’s Libby Lees and have a few points towards 2008 National.  My goal is to accumulate enough points to be invited to the 2008 or 2009 Nationals.

I also belong to a local 4-H group called the Lonesome Valley Wranglers.  I show sheep (breeding and market), horse (English and Western), small stock (poultry), public speaking and of course Dog.  This year I am taking on a new project, swine.  I am very excited as I have never owned a pig before.   4-H keeps me very busy, but I love learning about all the different animals.

Pictured Above:Mary Alice Wisecarver (#1 ASCA Open Working Jr. in the Nation) with Tops. Judge on the Left is, Gary Hawley of  AZ and Judge on the right is Rick Penny, of Oregon.  Mary Alice and Tops took a 4th place in Advance Sheep on May 18, 2008.


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